Don’t Leave Your Dog Behind! By Fox Kandy and Fox Jaffna.



As you go off to your favorite hotels, don’t leave your dog behind.

Offer Validity
Offer valid until 15th December 2020

Terms & Conditions

1. Fox Resorts (Pvt) Ltd requires guests to pay a refundable deposit of LKR 10,000 along with the advance payment for the booking, to confirm the reservation. The refundable deposit shall be returned directly to the guest at the time of check-out. Fox Resorts (Pvt) Ltd reserves the right to cancel reservations without prior notice if these payments are not made within the time frame given at the point of reservation.

2. Cats will not be allowed in the hotels.

3. A maximum of two dogs will be allowed in a room.

4. Guests must provide a copy of the pet’s vaccination card at the time of booking.

5. Pets must be younger than 10 years old unless they are seasoned travellers.

6. Only dry food may be brought in for the pets. Wet food will not be accepted for storage.

7. Dogs are not allowed into the Swimming Pool, Restaurant, or Hotel Lobby. Outdoor dining facilities are available for owners who wish to dine with their pets.

8. Dogs are only allowed in the owner’s room & assigned outdoor spaces. At the time of check-in, a schedule will be handed over to the guest, stating at which times the dogs will be allowed to roam in designated outdoor spaces.

9. Owners must accompany pets in public spaces.

10. Dogs must be on a leash when in public spaces.

11. Dogs must always wear their collars, even when inside the room.

12. Guests are required to clean up after their pets. Poo bags & other cleaning amenities will be available in the rooms.

13. Fox Resorts (Pvt) Ltd reserves the right to refuse any bookings that are deemed:

a. Not friendly/ aggressive
b. Not House Trained.
c. Not up to date in Vaccinations.

14. Owners must take all measures to ensure that pets do not bark incessantly while on the property.

15. Guests must accept all responsibility & liability for damages caused by their pets. These damages are including, but not limited to, injury to staff, guests, or other pets or damage to the property.

16. Fox Resorts (Pvt) Ltd is not liable for any charges, fines, or other damages resulting in the loss, injury to, or death of the pet.

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